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The 3 Steps are Listed Below

3 Simple Steps to Become Permanently Profitable:

STEP 1 - Call Your Bank and open a 2nd checking account

Call or stop into your bank where you currently have your business banking. Ask them to setup one more checking account (if they charge a fee, then feel free to use a savings for now). 

STEP ​2 - Nickname that account PROFIT

Most banks have the option to nickname your bank accounts. One way to understand the purpose of each account is to nickname it. Since we want to drive profit intentionally, let's name this account "Profit."

Step 3 - Start allocating 1% of EVERY deposit into this Profit checking account

Now that you have your Profit bank account opened. Any time you receive a deposit, transfer 1% from that account into the Profit account. If you have a $1,000 deposit, transfer $10. Now you have $990 to continue running your business.

Take Action NOW and You'll Drive Profit Intentionally

While these 3 steps are super simple, it's a start and you need to start somewhere. Once you've completed all 3 steps, send me an email ( with a screenshot showing your first allocation/transfer into your Profit account (feel free to black out the amount if you'd like) to receive another free gift from me!!